Igniting Originality
in Kenya

... through originally made craft beverages, that are made with real ingredients from Kenya. Beverages that bring something new to your drink experience. We pride ourselves in creating, disrupting and crafting.
We are Kenyan Originals.

KO Ciders

6 different flavour profiles

All made with real fruit.

ApplE & Lime Cider

Passion & Lime Cider

Honey & Lemon Cider

Mango & Chilli Cider

Lime & Ginger Cider

Pineapple & Mint Cider

KO Gins

Distilled Gin in Kenya with real Kenyan Botanicals

KO Classic Gin

KO Blush Gin

KO Tonics

The perfect match for KO Gins

Made with real African quinine

Classic Tonic

Light Tonic

Rose & Cucumber Tonic

Turmeric & Chilli Tonic

KO Iced Teas


MAde with real fruit

Hibiscus & Lime Iced Tea

Passion Fruit Iced Tea

Tropical Fruit Iced Tea

Perfect Serves:
Signature Cocktail Recipes

Bring the taste of Kenya home with our signature cocktail recipes featuring our premium spirits. Our Perfect Serves provide easy-to-follow instructions for crafting delicious drinks. Discover new favourite concoctions and impress your guests with these creations spotlighting our craft beverages from Kenya. Let’s get shaken and stirred with Kenyan Originals’ essential cocktail recipes.

Kenyan Originals
Bars & Venues in Nairobi

KO Kraft Room & Kocktail Bar

There’s almost nothing better for your palate than learning how to perfect your own drink. Think you have an idea up your sleeve for the next best Martini– or want to find out what that is? We have the best place for you to explore that, with the experts of innovation themselves. Channel your inner creativity and thirst – ha! for adventure – whether it’s through tasting our Kenyan Originals gins, or getting hands on making your own small batch. Unleash your originality at the KO Kraft Room

The Lighthouses

Experience KO signature gins, ciders and cocktails at exclusively designed Kenyan Originals bars in Nairobi. Our Lighthouses offer a locally-inspired setting to try our range of premium craft beverages. Craft cider and gin aficionados will be delighted.
KO Lighthouses are destination spots for your perfect night out. You can enjoy the best of our brands in your favourite bars.

Our Story

Kenyan Originals was founded in 2018 with the mission to build truly authentic African craft beverage products. Beverages that are made with real Kenyan ingredients. Beverages that built on Kenyan traditions of drink making but with a modern twist. We are building our craft over time by getting to know the best fruit varieties or ingredients, from the best regions, so we get the best taste for our beverages. This sourcing approach as well as experimenting with new ingredients and methods, is taking our beverages from strength to strength.


We want to help showcase originality from Kenyan talent. The movers, the shakers, the risk takers, the Kenyan Originals. We want to collaborate with these fearless individuals, to help both them and us grow. Our north star remains to make original Kenyan craft beverages that taste fantastic. We will keep experimenting, learning and refining our craft to ensure we have the best quality drinks in town.
We are Kenyan Originals.


We’re partnering with iconic Nairobi outlets to launch more KO Lighthouses soon. Follow us on social media for updates on new locations where you can experience the Kenyan Originals portfolio.