About Us

Kenyan Originals was founded in 2018 with the mission to build truly authentic African craft beverage products. Beverage that are made with real Kenyan ingredients. Beverages that build on Kenyan traditions of drink making but with a modern twist. Originally Kenyan beverages.


We started from small roots in our shipping container producing a muritina inspired craft fruit cider drink using real fruit from Kenya. Our brand has grown over time and our Kenyan Originals fruit cider is now available in all the big supermarkets, including Carrefour, Naivas and Shoprite as well as a bar near you.

We are building our craft over time by getting to know the best fruit varietals from the best regions so we get the best taste for our beverages. This sourcing approach as well as experimenting with new ingredients and methods, is taking our beverages from strength to strength.


Today we have moved to bigger site in Baba Dogo, Nairobi, to deliver against the increasing demand for our tasty products. At the site we process over 15 Tonnes of real mango, pineapple, lime and passion fruit monthly. We’re proud to have over 10 delicious flavours available, ranging from ciders to tonics and ice tea, all of which can be ordered here on our website.

Since 2019 the Kenyan Originals brand has also come to represent much more than just our drinks. We want to provide a platform for all Kenyans igniting originality in modern Kenya. The movers, the shakers, the risk takers, the Kenyan Originals. For these fearless individuals we want to collaborate with them to help both them and us grow. Whether that’s using the Matatu artist’s skills to spray paint our production site or a Kenyan designer to design our merchandise, we want to celebrate the Kenyans of tomorrow.


Our loKOl vibe sessions at our bar in Baba Dogo, or on livestream whilst under curfew, are other examples of how we want to support local creatives. Please get in touch if you are a Kenyan Original and have a proposal on how we can work together.

We will continue to build on existing drinking traditions to produce original Kenyan drinks from real Kenyan produce. We are Kenyan Originals.


Our north star remains to make original Kenyan craft beverages that taste fantastic. We will keep experimenting, learning and refining our craft to ensure we have the best quality drinks in town. We are Kenyan Originals.

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