• Where can I find KO?
    You can find us at these retailers: Carrefour, ShopRite, Chandarana, Tots Liquor Stores. You can also find us at Alchemist, Blue Door, Bao Box, K1 Klub House, Nyama Mama, Jumia Party, Jumia, Oaks & Corks, Gecko Cafe
  • What’s the alcohol content?
    Kenyan Originals Cider has 8% ABV for that Kenyan kick
  • Do you really use real fruit?
    We wanted to create a quality and authentic drink from the best of Kenyan produce. For this we wanted to use real Kenyan fruit. We chop, cold press and blend real fruits into our apple base for a delicious real fruit cider. Our fruits are sourced from Kenyan small farmers around the country based on where the fruit is sweetest.