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Graffiti Artist

Kallaz is a Kenyan Original.

He designed and painted the whole of the upstairs Bar at our site in Baba Dogo and continues to work with us designing and painting a wide range of Kenyan Originals products.

Starting out as a mutatu artist, he’s now expanded to bigger projects like this, and is a superb artist bringing colour, excitement and flavour to everything he does. Make sure to come to one of our events in the future to check out his work while having some ice cold Kenyan Originals ciders…


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Graffiti Artist

Msale is a Kenyan Original.

As an artist he specializes in graffiti with a specific style called ‘grafikali’- using acrylics, oil, charcoal, graphite & ink media. He used this style to design a special KO mural that can now be found at the alchemist. He is a leader in the graffiti scene, creating a new style and constantly exploring awesome artistic projects and this is what drew us to his work. Msale’s creative ingenuity makes him the perfect example of a what it means to be a Kenyan Original!


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Designer & Tailor

Avido is a Kenyan Original. He made and designed a lot of our  awesome KO merchandise, including our bomber jackets and kitenge t-shirts.

Avido’s a super talented creator, and champions local Kenyan culture and styles in his work.  Expressing himself through fashion, he is an extremely creative designer, who we’re proud to have worked with. He’s also currently creating and distributing Kitenge facemasks throughout Kibera to protect against COVID-19. Avido is the prime example of what it means to be originally Kenyan. He’s a creator and a leader in the Kenyan fashion scene.

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DJ IV i s a Kenyan Original. She played at our Kenyan Originals LoKOl Vibe session in February, and it was epic. She gifts her listeners with doses of vibrant-bass heavy beats and melodies from all over the world, African music being a number one priority. If you like to dance, and like good music, then you’ve gotta listen to her stuff for a surprise! Check out some highlights from the event here, and be sure to look her up to hear some of her tunes.

She’s Kenyan, and she’s definitely original. DJ IV is a Kenyan Original.

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Meet Malesi, a Kenyan Original. His passion is mixing up and creating the most exciting cocktails around, and he’s progressed to become one of Nairobi’s best mixologists. Learning his craft throughout the world, and inspired by global mixologists, Malesi has become iconic in the Nairobi nightlife scene. We definitely think the best cocktails he makes are using Kenyan Originals Ciders and Tonics too – check some out on our Cocktails/Recipes page .The cocktails are awesome, he’s awesome. Malesi is creative, fun and talented. He’s a Kenyan Original.

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Tetu Shani

Singer Songwriter

Tetu is a true Kenyan Original. His music defines what we’re all about – it’s creative, fun and uniquely local. Born and raised here in Nairobi, he currently describes it as being a blend of indie rock, afro-pop and folkloric rhythms from Kenya. We were recently able to experience his brilliance first hand, as Tetu performed for our exclusive LoKOl Vibe Session at the Kenyan Originals site in Baba Dogo. Tetu also recently performed on our instagram page, opening our new series of ‘LoKOl vibe instalive concerts’. His music is undeniably brilliant, and he is a true creative and inspiration. He’s a Kenyan Original.