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Uplifting Kenyan

At Kenyan Originals, we believe in igniting originality and uplifting talented innovators across Kenya. That’s why in 2019 we launched KO.labs – a platform to create limited-edition beverages showcasing distinct local ingredients and partners.

Through KO.labs, we bring together the unique perspectives of Kenyan artisans, farmers, and craftspeople. By featuring their ingredients and talents in our small-batch spirits and ciders, we aim to promote and celebrate the diverse range of Kenyan craftsmanship.

Collaborating with Local Partners to
Showcase Kenyan Ingredients

Our goal is to collaborate with daring, imaginative ``Kenyan Originals`` to
develop products that fuse Kenyan flavours with our distilling and blending
expertise. The result is exclusive, limited releases showcasing the best of
Kenyan talent and ingredients to a global craft beverage audience.


We want to ignite originality through our KO.lab platform. Our aim is to inspire others by showcasing and collaborating with fellow Kenyan individuals and brands.

Kenyan Talent

Kenya’s culture is original, colourful and buzzing, it deserves to be showcased and celebrated. We want to become the ultimate collaborator, promoting Kenyan talent through KO.lab projects.

Our Limited Edition

Throughout the years, the brand has
KO.llaborated with a number of Kenyan Originals.

KO x Muthaiga Tea Company:
The Purple Haze Gin

Made by 2 originally Kenyan brands, a small batch distillation of Purple Haze tea from Muthaiga Tea Company, made with the craft and care of the Kenyan Originals team.

A KO.lab based on the exceptional quality of local kenyan ingredients. The Purple Haze, is a blend of Purple Tea, which is a tea leaf indigenous to Kenya & East Africa and mainly grown in the highlands area. It is called “purple tea” because of the purple-reddish leaves of the tea plant from natural anthocyanin which acts as a super-antioxidant and has a unique flavour. Purple Haze blend, with its floral and soft notes, perfectly complements the intense flavour of African Juniper for this indigenous depiction of Kenyan tea & gin.

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KO x Spring Valley Coffee:
The Coffee Cider

KO.lab between 2 originally kenyan brands – an authentic kenyan fruit cider, carefully handcrafted by the Kenyan Originals team with a kick of kenyan coffee from Spring Valley Coffee.

Spring Valley Coffee is the Kenyan oldest artisanal specialty coffee roaster. Sourcing coffee beans from all over Kenya, their coffee has a very defined and distinctive flavour, that, when combined with KO’s cider, brings out an all-round fruity cider, with bright coffee and roasted cacao notes on the palate.

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