Pineapple & Mint


It’s 220 KShs for each Cider inclusive of VAT (190 KShs exclusive of VAT), one crate being 24 x 330ml – 5280 KShs inclusive of VAT (4560 KShs exclusive VAT).

We can only take orders of 24 bottles or more. Don’t want that many? Head over to Jumia or Jumia Party.

Made with real fruit from Kenya with a Kenyan kick! Refreshing cider with a kool but kali taste.

Kenyan fruit cider is enriched with Bold, raw and authentically unique Kenyan taste. Every drop is crafted just outside of Nairobi. For non-alcoholic drinkers check out our variants: Hibiscus & Lime Ice Tea

Made with honey tasting Pineapples from western Kenya and a touch of fresh mint, this lightly carbonated cider a bit tart but sweety will bring uniquely Kenyan kick to your night life.

Chill. Shake. Enjoy.